How to Celebrate Father's Day at Home

Father's Day 2020 is almost here and we're pretty sure that most of you would celebrate it differently compare to previous years due to the coronavirus pandemic. No dining in at restaurants, visiting theme parks, nor watching live sports on TV with dad.

That doesn't mean that you should cancel all your Father's Day plans, though. There are creative ways on how you can make D(addy's)-day special for your own father and your husbands.

In today's blog, we round up the list of things you can do to make this the best Father's Day celebration yet.

Father's Day Fun Ideas You Can Easily Plan For Dad During A Pandemic

1. Prepare a Dad-Approved Dish 

No meals out to celebrate Father's Day but you can cook something for your dad/husband and the whole family. Search for the best Father's Day recipe, prepare their favorite steak, or start the barbecue grill for a special lunch. If you're not sure of what food to get, just ask the head of the family of his favorite food and cook it for him. Youtube videos and recipes are always available for you when you need them.


Father's Day at home
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2. Watch The Best Father's Day Movies

So, what kind of movies do you watch on Father's Day? You can probably watch any Adam Sandler or Will Smith movie with your dad/husband or probably a family movie that everyone has not watched in a long time. Prepare easy snacks for your dad/husband and give him a bottle of beer while enjoying his movie.

Best Father's Day Movies
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3. Play Board Games with Daddy

Playing board games with your dad/husband is so much fun. It's a test for the whole family who can comprehend the game faster. It's a good way for your kids to stay away from their gadgets and keep them occupied. Good dad time is always a great energy for kids. The question is, would you let the head of the family win on Father's Day?

playing board games with family

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 4. Father's Day Workout

With the current limitations of people right now, It would be fun to spend the time together in a quiet and a simple way. One fun idea your family can do on Father's Day is to workout together. Whether dad loves working out or just starting to push the habit of doing cardio in the morning, the way we can bond with him while showing our support is to turn it into a family morning activity, even if it's just on Father's Day.😜

Father's Day Workout

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Spending quality the time together is the best thing to do, especially at a time like this when everything else feels way too uncertain and scary. You just have to think of ways on how to make activities fun for everyone. It can be just the simple. regular, mundane things that we all enjoy as a family... and more than anything, telling and showing them how much we love and appreciate them is still the best way to celebrate them.


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