Fun Baby Activities to Do Indoors

As moms, the very second we held our little ones in our arms, all we could think about are the priceless moments we're going to spend together. Who would have known that once we got into doing it a year or two later -- a global pandemic is going to hit us that will force us to stay at home 24/7. Being a mom definitely just got a little more challenging and coming up with ideas to keep them entertained and busy while we do the household chores or just get a shower can be mentally draining. 

Fun Baby Activities to Do Indoors

Well, mama... sit back and relax. We got you. We listed down

8 Activities to Do With Your Baby at Home 

Lockdown or not, they'll definitely love playtime at home


    Rainbow Ribbons 

    Cut colorful ribbons into strips and tie them on a drying rack or your baby's little play gym. It would be fun to tie little bells (make sure they are securely tied) on some of the ribbons to add another sensory effect.

    Sensory Fort 

    This is a fun project to do at home. Put up a little tent with fairy lights (see instructions here from Messy Little Monster) and fill it it with sensory toys and household items that are safe for babies: different fabrics, loofah, baby toys, plastic music instruments or sealed plastic bottles with little marbles or coins inside. Time to unleash your creativity on this project! PS. Make sure to disinfect everything.

    Ball Pit 

    Who says you have to go outdoors for a ball pit? Just fill a huge basin that can fit your baby with balls (or pull out the inflatable pool you only use during summer). You can buy a pack of 200 balls in Amazon, too. Double down on the fun by hiding different toys at the bottom of the pit so you're little bubba can find little surprises and will only keep on digging for more.

      Color a Box 

      Let's put those Amazon boxes to good use. Let your little one use chunky crayons and instead of being scared if they'll start coloring the walls (believe us, they will!), let them use the box. Tired of crayons? Use stickers, too!

        Ball wall 

        We're sure you probably stock up on tissue paper so let's put them to good use! Tape the carton rolls on the wall, in varying heights and angles. Let your baby shoot little balls and other toys that can fit inside the rolls. Get creative on the spacing between carton rolls, too!

          Sensory Bin 

          In a huge bin, put different items that have different textures. You can bury them in rice or cereals. Rice is fun because of how fine it is and how it can make noise when dropped on the surface. Instructions available here.

          Sensory Bags 

          By now, you probably have realized how important sensory activities are for our little ones. Another fun activity to do (that you don't have to clean up after) is sticking sensory bags on the wall. Just fill up a Ziplock bag with different items: from solid, hard toys to mushy clay or gel, toothpaste, sand or rice… be creative with different textures and make sure to seal them.

            Washi Tape Egg Rescue 

            This one is a fun activity for Easter! Get your Easter eggs and fill them with different stuff: from cereals to chocolates, anything that's safe and edible (we know how they'll keep on putting everything into their mouths!) and stick them on the wall or a tabletop with colorful washi tapes. Let your little one rescue each Easter egg one by one. As Happy Toddler Playtime demonstrates, it can also be used anytime your little one asks for snack time!

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