Capture Your Baby's Milestones With These Adorable Photo Ideas

Photographs are stories we fail to put into words. As new parents, we often hear this line: "Enjoy it now as much as you can. They grow up so fast." And, we couldn't help but agree to it as there's this day when we wake up thinking: "Where'd time go?".

One way to savor these most precious moments is by taking monthly photographs of your little one. Whether you are a professional photographer, or someone who just loves snapping photos, we're inviting you to check out these unique baby milestone inspirations in taking baby photos you'll love looking back on:

Go plain and bare. Take monthly pictures of you or your partner holding your little one and see how they grow and fit into your arms. If you’re a minimalist, this is perfect for you - no more props needed! 

Source:  Dani Leigh Photography

Aside from dressing up your baby each month and taking photos of them, you can also add more details like their weight and height, even the things that they just learned to do like cooing or waving! These will help you remember more of what your baby can do in their first twelve months . 

Source: Tonya Teran Photography

Let your baby take charge of their monthly shoot. Candid shots and just a calendar will do!

Source: Ashley Ann Photography

Chalkboards are one of the easiest and most widely used for DIY documentation of your baby’s first year. Gotta up your hand lettering skills, mama!


Let daddy hold your baby and start shooting! 

Source: Marielle Marie

If you want to be more creative, you can use paper flowers and other stuff  and shape them into wreaths. Dress up your babe in cute outfits and start snapping!


Some babies do have their little best friend since birth a.k.a. their favorite doll or stuffed toy. It’s a nice idea to include them on the shoot. Your baby will definitely love it!



Taking these monthly pictures can be a challenge. It’s not easy, but definitely fun and worth it. One day you’ll look back at each of these photos and remember how little your baby once was, and how time has gone by so fast. But this is just the beginning of making lovely memories with them. Don’t stop documenting their milestones even if they are all grown up! 


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