Baby Clothing Guide For Every New Parent

One of the things we love to dream about after finding out about our pregnancy is the idea of shopping for the cutest baby clothes: the little socks, little mittens, little onesies (OMG the cutest onesies!!) -- we can't seem to get enough of them, but when it comes to the actual shopping, we can be a little overwhelmed from all the options available. We know we have to control ourselves because we'd love to buy them all! ūüė©
Always remember that shopping for baby clothes doesn't have to be a daunting task - especially when you're trying to figure out how to build your little one's wardrobe: prioritizing on what you need and what's practical. Take note: Babies grow so fast and change sizes in just a few months time.
Here's our simple, easy guide:

4 things you need to know about shopping for baby clothes


Size up.

Baby Clothing Guide For Every New Parent

For babies, it's always safe to get clothes that are a little bigger than their current size. It gives room for your babies as they grow and you're sure you can use it for at least 2-4 months instead of getting their exact size that you'll be able to use for about a month only before you have to buy a bigger one.

Choose comfy and soft fabrics.

Baby Clothing Guide For Every New Parent
Here's the ultimate non-negotiable shopping pointer you need to follow: choose only the clothes with the comfiest and softest fabric. No matter how cute our babies may look like wearing fancy, designer clothes -- the priority is still to make sure they're comfortable. Choose clothes with fabrics and knits that go well with the changing seasons: something cool during summer and something to keep them warm during winter.
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Choose unisex styles.

Baby Clothing Guide For Every New Parent
Of course, we love dresses for girls and pants and shirts for boys, but hear us out why unisex styles are generally good for shopping: It's a practical choice. It's easier to style and accessorize them later on. It's easier to throw them on without overthinking what they should wear for the day. Plus: it gives you more room to build their little wardrobe by treating unisex styles as the basics. Start from there and then you can throw in a couple of more gender-specific clothes as their special outfits.
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Yes to colors, but go for a muted palette.

Baby Clothing Guide For Every New Parent
Who doesn't love adding a pop of color, especially for baby clothes?! YES, we know how tempting it is to get all the cute, colorful items but once you arrange them all together in the dresser, you wouldn't want them to look too bright and too loud. What makes muted colors look nice is they are very classy and timeless without losing its charm.
It's also easier to repeat them later on but making them look fresh by using different accessories or pairing it with a different pant/leggings. These styles and colors are the kinds of clothes that you'll most likely keep: either for your next baby or to give to momma BFFs looking for second-hand baby clothes.

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