7 Ways Dad Can Help with Breastfeeding

Did you know that dads can actually make breastfeeding easier for moms? Just because it’s not their boob doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the breastfeeding journey. 

If you’re a dad who doesn’t know his place when it’s baby feeding time, you're on the right page.

Here are 7 ways dads can support nursing moms

 How Dads Can Support Their Breastfeeding Partner

1. Bring a snack or a drink

There are times when breastfeeding takes hours and it is almost impossible to get up to get some snacks when moms are hungry or grab a drink to feel hydrated again. They’re stuck in that position until the baby can be put down to sleep. This is where dads come in. Just bring them something that’s easy to scarf down, so they can turn our focus back to nursing when they’re done feeding as well. 

2. Make her comfy 

Finding the right position when nursing can sometimes be a struggle, so make sure that she’s comfortable on her chair. Offer her a baby feeding support/boppy pillow, or a back pillow if she needs it.

3. Bring her the baby 

Breastfeeding in the middle of the night is the most challenging for moms. It leaves them with insufficient amounts of sleep and totally feels tiring. If the baby needs to feed, the least thing you can do here is bring the baby to mom so she doesn’t have to get up and can just stay in bed. 

4. Take on other mom tasks

If she’s tired from breastfeeding and other mom tasks, make sure to offer help. It could be in washing feeding bottles and pump parts (if she pumps) or changing diapers. You could do bath time with baby or be the one to babywear when your family goes out. She’ll totally appreciate you for these things. 😉

5. Show support when she breastfeeds in public

Say nothing and show her that it’s okay when she breastfeeds in public with or without cover— if she’s comfortable with that. It’s normal and it’s  something that anyone shouldn’t be ashamed of. If your baby is hangry, you let her breastfeed wherever, whenever. No ifs and no buts.  

6. Take care of the other kids 

Be in charge if you have older kids. When she’s breastfeeding, make sure that she’s free of any worries. You don’t want her to feel stuck and stressed out in not being able to handle the kids when another one is latching on to her.

7. Buy her breastfeeding essentials 

Pamper her with anything that can make breastfeeding a little easier for her, nursing bras for one. It can be difficult to nurse with regular bras, that’s why maternity and nursing bras exist. They give the support for growing breasts and can easily be opened and closed with one hand. Some of them are really  stylish and sexy, which will definitely help in bringing her confidence back. 🔥
Other things that can be helpful are nursing pads and nipple creams. She’ll love you more for these. Thank us later! 😉
There can be more ways dads can  help moms in breastfeeding. Sure, it’s something that mommas have to do on their own, but let’s not make them feel alone in this journey. After all, your baby is half-yours! 😀

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