10 Unique Ideas for the Best Baby Shower Ever

A new baby is a great reason to hold a party, and it usually starts with finding out whether you’re having a boy or a girl.  A baby shower brings people together to celebrate new life and support new parents, oftentimes with gifts, treats, fun games and activities.

Find all the inspiration you need to throw the most aww-some baby shower. Here are some ideas:

1. Baby Shower Welcome Sign 

You can make one on your own - hand painted on canvas set up on an easel, or just get one online. 

Source: Pinterest 

2. DIY Baby Shower Backdrop

If it can lessen the spending, you can do a DIY backdrop by making paper fans or flowers. Watch tutorial here

Source: Baby shower Veronica Journal


3. Letter Balloons and Letter Banners

There are ready made banners that you can buy online or from any local party supplies store. Foil balloons can also be bought by each letter or word. Spell out your baby’s name in them - instant glam! 

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4. Champagne Favors 

Perfect for take-home gifts after the party. Just attach the tags with a message to mini champagne bottles. Get more of the idea here.

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5. Printable Well Wishes For Baby Cards

This is the perfect way for baby shower guests to give their well wishes to the new baby. Request for each guest to fill out a card with their words of wisdom and tuck away in a safe place for the baby to read when they're grown.

Make sure to keep tissues handy for this sentimental shower activity!

Source: Print It Baby


6. Succulents

Succulents are another great take home gift idea. They live longer and are easy to sustain so a lot of people love them! The people who attended the shower will be reminded of your little one as these tiny succulents grow. 😉


Source: Pinterest 


7. Minute To Win It Baby Shower Games

You can try Minute To Win It type of games. Set a timer for one minute and get ready to compete with these non-traditional baby shower games!

  • Pass the paci. Split into teams and provide each person with a straw, which they will put in their mouth. The first person in line can thread their straw through a pacifier handle. When the timer starts, they must get it onto the next person’s straw—without using their hands!
  • Hang the diaper. This game works particularly well outdoors. Provide clothespins and diapers, then let people have one minute to see who can hang the most down a clothesline. Bonus—mom and dad get to keep all the diapers from the game!
  • Match baby’s socks. Purchase a few dozen baby socks and jumble the pairs in a pile. Participants have one minute to try to pair as many socks as possible!
  • Ice, ice baby. Freeze a few dozen small plastic babies within an ice cube tray. Pass out the frozen cubes and let people race to unfreeze as many babies as they can.

Get more fun baby shower games hereSource: Meraki Lane


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