10 Things I Wish I Added to My Baby Registry

Of all the things we can probably regret about our experiences as a first-time mom, forgetting or missing IMPORTANT things that we really should have added to our baby registry surely tops that list.
A lot of moms that we know (*quietly raises hand*) have been through this, so we made this list so you don't have to make the same mistake😉
TIP: There may be some items that you want to add but are not available on the store you want to sign up a registry for. Don't worry, there are sites out there (like babylist) that allows you to add items from ANY store.

10 Most Forgotten Baby Items for Your Registry

1. Nursing Pillow 

Multi-purpose maternity and nursing pillow that provides good support and comfort from pregnancy to motherhood? This Mama Pillow from Preggo Leggings does the job. The big PRO about this? Its compact size. Easy to store, doesn't take too much space, and you can bring it with you when you travel!
10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

2. Travel Crib 

An on-the-go crib?! YES, please! We all know that we all need one but we don't always put this on our priority list once the baby arrives. Solution? Put it on your registry! 10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

3. Stroller Organizer 

With all the stuff we have to carry, this organizer is truly a lifesaver! (rhyming not intended😜) Love, love this Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer
10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

4. Baby Carrier 

We know how hard #MomLife can be especially when you have to multi-task. Carrying our baby has never been easier with this Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier (our momma friends use the same) 
10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

5. Baby Sound Machine 

Yes, there's a baby sound machine finally available! According to what to expect sound machines, "(plays) a constant, repetitious sound, sound machines help to lull babies to sleep and keep them asleep. It’s as if he or she is back at home in mom’s belly — especially if you use a wave or heartbeat sound." Of all the items they recommended here, we've tried the budget-friendly option, Dream Tones by Conair and loved it!10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

6. Bottle Drying Rack 

We know. Sounds like a non-essential at first BUT it's super useful! We will never call this a non-essential anymore. Our pick: The First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

7. Bottle Sterilizer 

We can't stress enough how important this is. This item should be on your Momma Priority List. What we're currently using: Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

8. Stay-dry bibs 

These are not your ordinary bibs. These are waterproof (FINALLY!) bibs to make sure that our little ones will not create a huge mess and dirty their cute clothes. Our pick: Green Sprouts Stay-dry Bibs10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

9. Fun Baby Gym 

Yes, there is such thing. We absolutely adore this Kick 'n Play Piano Gym from Fisher-Price. God knows how hard it can be to keep our little ones entertained so this is absolutely perfect with 4 ways to play!10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

10. Baby Clothes 

We all know we can't get enough of them. We're pretty sure that you will love our collections here at Ashmi & Co. (plus! your BFFs do not need to wait for weeks or months for the items to be delivered to them. They can get it in a matter of days!)10 Things To Add to My Baby Registry

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