10 Signs You're Pregnant With A Girl

Once we knew that we're pregnant, one of the things we can't wait to find out is the sex of our baby. Are we getting a boy or a girl? For a lot of us moms, getting a girl is such a dream come true. Dreaming about the matching outfits, styling their hair, teaching them how to color their nails, all the Halloween costumes we hope they'll like — it's like having our little precious girl BFF ❤️

We know the waiting game can take a little while, so we're listing down the 10 signs most people check to test if it's really a girl — and a verdict if it's accurate or just a myth 😉

 Myths and Facts: Signs You're Having a Baby Girl

1. Belly shape

Signs You're Pregnant With A Girl

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It's likely that we've all heard about this (hello, nana!). They say that if we carry high or have gained weight all over, it's probably girl.

The truth? Different mamas, different bodies. There is no one body shape or body size for a pregnant mom. It's just how our body changes through pregnancy, not so much about the sex of the baby.

2. Mood swings

Having a girl means we're getting more dramatic mood swings.

The truth? This can be 50/50. Hormonal changes in our body (and so many more factors) affect our mood swings. In this study, estrogen levels in girl pregnancies were higher, but there other studies that also dispute this.

3. Heart rate

Apparently, baby girls get higher heart rates - even going above 140-160 beats per minute. (Yup, who would've thought?)

The truth? While there are studies that heart rate and sex in the first trimester aren't really linked, midwives swear by it (and a lot of moms, too!)

4. Sleeping on your right side

Signs You're Pregnant With A Girl
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One of the oldest myths out there: sleeping on our right side during our pregnancy means we're most likely carrying a girl.

The truth? There's really no scientific proof that the sex of our baby determines which side we prefer when we're sleeping. Plus - we all know how hard it is to find the right sleeping position especially during the later stages of our pregnancy!

5. Pregnancy glow

Signs You're Pregnant With A Girl
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Pregnancy glow means baby girl, hormonal acne means baby boy.

The truth? A lot of body and hormonal changes depend on several factors and are not always the same for all moms. The glow isn't related to our baby's sex, but the changes in our body.

6. Cravings

Signs You're Pregnant With A Girl
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Craving for sweets = baby girl, salty or sour = baby boy. Why do all our favorites lead to the idea of having a baby girl? LOL.

The truth? No scientific proof that our cravings are dictated by our baby's sex.

7. Morning sickness

Signs You're Pregnant With A Girl
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Excessive morning sickness (doesn't matter what stage of pregnancy) means we're carrying a baby girl.

The truth? They are totally not related. Morning sickness is usually indicated by hormonal change and low blood sugar. There are some moms who get them real bad and those who don't feel them at all but doesn't really relate to their baby's sex.

8. Left Breast is Bigger

As if we can't get enough of all the body changes, uneven breast size can apparently indicate whether we're carrying a girl or a boy.

The truth? We'll keep this short: Not related.

9. Oily Skin and Dull Hair

Another set of body changes we experience during pregnancy - this time, on our skin and hair.

The truth? A lot of hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy can really do us a number of body changes. These changes, while they can be unpredictable, do not necessarily dictate our baby's sex.

10. Urine Color

We mostly hear about having dull yellow colored urine means we're having a girl.

The truth? The color of our urine isn't really related to the baby's sex but most definitely signals our current state of health. Some medications, vitamins, supplement that we take can also change our urine color.


    Guessing our baby's sex is what it is — guessing. There's no single, sure fire way to determine which sign will prove if we're carrying a boy or a girl. One thing's for sure: whether it's a boy or a girl, we'll love our little one just the same 🥰


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